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Office of the Ambassador (ambassador@philippinesusa.org)
H.E. Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
Tel: 202.467.9366

Office of the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM@philippinesusa.org; political@philippinesusa.org)
Minister & Consul Patrick A. Chuasoto
Tel: 202.467.9314

Consular Section
Consul General Emil T. Fernandez
First Secretary and Consul Arlene T. Magno
Tel: 202.467.9319

Passport: 202.467.9325
Consular outreach: 202.467.9303
Issuance of travel documents, Assistance to nationals: 202.467.9382
Authentication and legalization of documents: 202.467.9319
Dual citizenship: 202.467.9387
Visa: 202.467.9324
Civil Registry: 202.467.9312
Consular policies, complaints, grievances: 202.467.9385

Consular Outreach Mission appointments: outreachapp@philippinesusa.org
Legalization / consularization of documents: legdocinq@philippinesusa.org
Visa matters: visainq@philippinesusa.org
Re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship: dualcitinq@philippinesusa.org
Other consular matters: wdcconsular@gmail.com

Political Section (political@philippinesusa.org)
Minister & Consul Rosanna Villamor-Voogel
Second Secretary and Consul Corina A. Reyes
Tel: 202.467.9354

Legislative Section (legislative@philippinesusa.org)
Minister & Consul Rosanna Villamor-Voogel
Second Secretary and Consul Corina A. Reyes
Tel: 202.467.9379

Public Diplomacy Section (cultural@philippinesusa.org)
Third Secretary & Vice Consul Darell Ann R. Artates
Tel: 202.467.9398 / 202.467.9432

Economic Section (economic@philippinesusa.org)
Minister & Consul JV Chan-Gonzaga
Tel: 202.467.9393

Administrative and Legal Section (admin@philippinesusa.org)
First Secretary & Consul Gunther M. Sales
Tel: 202.467.9403
Client Feedback: clientfeedback@philippinesusa.org

Agricultural Attache's Office (joy.javelosa@philippinesagriculture.org)
Dr. Josyline C. Javelosa
Tel: 202.467.9422 | Fax: 202.467.9421

Commercial Section (pticwdc@verizon.net)
Commercial Counselor Maria Roseni M. Alvero
Tel: 202.467.9419

Defense & Armed Forces Affairs Office
Col. Eric R. Calip (defense@philippinesdefense.org)
Col. Orlando M. Suarez (adafa@philippinesdefense.org)
Tel: 202.467.9329 | Fax: 202.467.9437

Philippine Overseas Labor Office
Labor Attaché Angel Borja (wdcpolousa@gmail.com)
Welfare Officer Petrona Bergado (owwa_washingtondc@yahoo.com)
Tel: 202.467.9426 (Labor Office) | 202.467.9413 (Welfare Office) | Fax: 202.887.5830

Police Attache's Office (opawdc@philippinespolice.org)
Col. Jojo Gentiles
Tel: 202.467.9395 | Fax: 202.467.9415

Office of Veterans Affairs (veterans@philippinesveteransaffairs.org)
Major General Delfin N. Lorenzana (Ret.) (dlorenzana@gmail.com)
Tel: 202.467.9410 | Fax: 202.467.9358